Customer data is the new oil. Are you analysing your customer data for actionable insights?



DATAFYiNG DiGiTAL is a data lab in Melbourne Australia. Our mission is to help companies to transform raw customer data into actionable insights to fuel exponential growth with advanced customer data analytics. We are innovative, disruptive and well-equipped with advanced analytical tools, machine learning techniques and experiences working with leading data-driven organisations.

We analyse mountains of customer data by connecting the dots between WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW to create micro-segmentation and hyper-personalisation. With our tailored made analytical model, you will be able to deliver exceptional customer experience by  targeting the right customers with the right offers at the right time with the right channels.

Our marketing data analysts and data scientists have successfully completed numerous data-driven marketing projects with leading and innovative businesses across a broad range of industries including banking, telco, retailing, eCommerce and startups. We are all very passionate with everything analytics, big data, martech and data science. Let’s talk #data!

Customer Data Analytics

We help gain a deep understanding of your customers at each touch point.

Actionable Insights

We help make data-driven business decisions with actionable insights.

Data-driven Marketing Strategies

We tailor make your very own data-driven marketing strategy for your business.

We deliver the analytics required to effectively engage with your customers by identifying actionable insights in your raw data. How? We don’t use metrics. We drill down to the individual customer level for behavioural patterns.


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We are open for innovative business partnerships and collaborations in areas such as eCommerce, Non-profit, Apps and Retailers.
Connect with us now to find out how we could work together to fuel growth with data analytics! Are you leveraging your raw #data to its full potential?

It is essential for companies today to map out the entire customer journey. Do you have the expertise and tools to identify actionable insights from your raw #data?


We’re the team @DATAFYiNG. Let’s get inspired with data analytics.
  • Samuel W
    Samuel WFounder + Marketing Analytics Director

    Samuel is backed up with experiences from many data-driven marketing projects in different industries. As the founder of DATAFYiNG DiGiTAL, his core vision is to transform raw customer data into actionable insights to fuel exponential growth for businesses. He can probably share a few applications of customer data for your project.

  • Data Geeks
    Data GeeksThe DD Team

    The DD Team are passionate about everything advanced analytics, data science, machine learning and AI. We believe the power to know & react. Our everyday tasks are to apply and create algorithms to help solve specific business problems. You know. The fun stuff!

Are you still reaching out to your customers with the same message? A typical example is sending one promotional email campaign to all customers without knowing how they interacted with your brand. #Data can unlock many opportunities.


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