3 Data-Driven Marketing Ways To Sell More With Data?

3 Data-Driven Marketing Ways To Sell More With Data

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Identify Your Top Spenders

It is a common rule of thumb in business that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. Are you able to identify and target your top spenders with relevant offers already sitting in your data? Your transactional data and behavioural data open the opportunity for you to create an RFM model. So that, you can engage with your top spenders with more personal communications. For example, you can send out an email with a relevant offer just to thank them for being a loyal customer.

Retaining existing customers is always easier than acquiring new ones in the e-commerce space. The key focus is to better engage with your existing customers to deliver more personalised communications and targeted offers.

Innovative brands like Amazon have mastered the art of data-driven marketing. Their analytics and data-driven capabilities should be available to businesses of all sizes. Now, we will show you 3 data-driven marketing ways to effectively sell more for your e-commerce business.

Identify Your Inactive Customers

Are you able to identify your valuable inactive customers? Some of your inactive customers could have purchased a lot from you in the past, but for whatever reason have stopped purchasing from you. You will need to re-engage with this segment with a stronger offer. For example, you might want to identify customers who spent $500 in the past 6 months but have not returned in the past month with a win back campaign that they cannot resist.

Analyse Your Email Campaigns

Most email marketers only look at the aggregated open rate, click thru rate and unsubscribe rate etc. There is no doubt that these are good indicators to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign at a granular level. However, many email marketing services like MailChimp provide insights into opens and clicks at the individual customer level, which allows you to know exactly who opened and clicked on your email. For example, you might want to re-target customers who opened your email but did not purchase from you. And, you might want to re-target your customers based on URL clicked etc.

The above are just some of the ways data-driven marketing can help you achieve greater results. Hey! What do have any questions? Tell us in the comment below.

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