How To Do Better Email Marketing With Data?

datafying How to do better email marketing

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I bet we all know that some of your email subscribers open and click on your promotional emails quicker than the others. Possibly because this particular segment is highly engaged with customers who would always love to hear and buy from you. Happy days!

But, we also know that some people open and click on your emails maybe in days, weeks or even months. Obviously, this segment is less engaged or not engaging at all. However, other factors like technologies play a part in open and click-thru rates as people generally interact more responsive on mobile devices especially with email notification turned on.

Without making a long list of different segments, I think we all get the idea that everyone received your emails behaves differently in the email channel.

Unfortunately, most e-marketers in the digital space do not utilise any segmentation technique derived from historical email data when doing email marketing. Apart from the awesome designs featuring your products and services, your email campaigns should be data-driven to achieve greater return on investments. Not only that, it will deliver a better customer experience and a greater sales uplift.

Now, do you still email your customers when they did not open your emails in the past 6 to 12 months? Hmm… Maybe you are hoping that they will open and then purchase from you again. The bad news is that in most cases you have probably lost them before you could have done something about it. So, do you do anything to stop it from happening now? Like sending out an irresistible personalised offer after X month from their last open or last purchase? There are many ways to win back with the data you have got from your customers.

In a nutshell, you can do better email marketing with targeted and highly personalised communications which deliver better results. The key is to be able to identify different segments with your customers and to take quick actions accordingly.

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